Courses Available

Certified Business Professional

CBP Business Etiquette   (Filesize 296 kb)

CBP Customer Service   (Filesize 451 kb)

CBP Leadership   (Filesize 302 kb)

CBP Team Building   (Filesize 368 kb)


ICND1   (Filesize 217 kb)

ICND2   (Filesize 234 kb)


CompTIA A+   (Filesize 372 kb)

CompTIA N+   (Filesize 236 kb)

CompTIA Security+   (Filesize 371 kb)

CompTIA Server+   (Filesize 244 kb)

CompTIA Storage+   (Filesize 389 kb)

CompTIA Project+   (Filesize 466 kb)

CompTIA Cloud+   (Filesize 497 kb)

CompTIA Mobility+   (Filesize 374 kb)

CompTIA CSA+   (Filesize 471 kb)


IC3   (Filesize 364 kb)

ITIL V3   (Filesize 331 kb)


Office 2013 Courses:

Microsoft Access Basic 2013 (Filesize 289 kb)

Microsoft Excel Advanced 2013 (Filesize 306 kb)

Microsoft Excel Basic 2013 (Filesize 301 kb)

Microsoft Excel Intermediate 2013 (Filesize 364 kb)

Microsoft Outlook Basic 2013 (Filesize 288 kb)

Microsoft Outlook Advanced 2013 (Filesize 288 kb)

Microsoft Word Basic (Filesize 302 kb)

Microsoft Word Intermediate (Filesize 379 kb)

Microsoft Word Advanced (Filesize 286 kb)

Technical Courses:

10982-Supporting & Troubleshooting Windows 10 (Filesize 522 kb)

10986B-Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016 (Filesize 522 kb)

20331B- Core Solutions of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013   (Filesize 538 kb

20332-Advanced Solutions Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013   (Filesize 541 kb

20339-1A Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016   (Filesize 533 kb

20339-2A Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016   (Filesize 436 kb

20341B-Core Solutions of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 (Filesize 95.5 kb)

20342B-Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (Filesize 633 kb)

20345-1A-Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (Filesize 415 kb)

20345-2A-Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 (Filesize 549 kb)

20409-Server Virtualization With Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center (Filesize 394 kb)

20410-Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Filesize 373 kb)

20412-Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (Filesize 274 kb)

20461-Querying Microsoft SQL Server (Filesize 561 kb)

20463-Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (Filesize 412 kb)

20466-Implementing Data Models and reports with SQL Server 2014 (Filesize 406 kb)

20687D-Configuring Windows® 8.1   (Filesize 553 kb

20697-2B-Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services (Filesize 416 kb)

20698-Installing and Configuring Windows 10 (Filesize 416 kb)

20740B-Installation Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (Filesize 428 kb)

40349A-Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals (Filesize 469 kb)

40361A-Software Development Fundamentals (Filesize 468 kb)

40361A-Software Development Fundamentals (Filesize 468 kb)

40362A-Windows Development Fundamentals (Filesize 469 kb)

40364A-Database Administration Fundamentals (Filesize 467 kb)

40365A-Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (Filesize 470 kb)

40366A-Networking Fundamentals (Filesize 468 kb)

40367A-Security Fundamentals (Filesize 469 kb)

40372A-Microsoft .NET Fundamentals (Filesize 469 kb)

40373A-Mobile Development Fundamentals (Filesize 468 kb)

40374A-Gaming Development Fundamentals (Filesize 469 kb)