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Discover the Power of AWS Training with IT-IQ​

In alignment with our vision to make cutting-edge technology accessible, we are delighted to announce our training partnership with Amazon Web Services[AWS].

Growing teams can achieve more with the right cloud skills. With a customized training program facilitated by an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Partner (ATP). As an ATP we are ready to help your team increase their cloud fluency. We are able to help teams of all sizes gain the cloud knowledge they need to tackle complex business challenges and power innovation. With classroom and digital options, training can be customized to fit the schedules, skill levels, and goals of your various team members.


AWS Training & Certification

In today’s digital landscape, Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to drive growth, enhance agility, and remain competitive. Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands at the forefront of empowering businesses with cutting-edge cloud services. With IT-IQ’s AWS training, you’re not just keeping up but staying ahead.

For more information and to gain a better insight into what AWS training and is and how it can how it can deliver high-performing cloud teams, download the e-book: A Guide to Growing Your Business with AWS Training

Benefits of AWS Training & Certification​

Optimize Productivity​

Your teams can acquire vital cloud skills to streamline operations, enhance your organization’s security posture, and improve cost savings.

Increase Business Agility

Cloud-Skilled employees are better prepared to think strategically, so your business can respond quickly.

Enhance Cloud Fluency

Upskilling your team can help eliminate the cloud skills gap and fill up 20 to 30 percent of critical skill roles internally.

Recruit and Retain Skilled Talent

Providing training shows a commitment to employee growth, increasing retention and faster onboarding.

Six Smart Ways Cloud Training can Help your Business Grow

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Sign Up For Discovery Days

AWS Discovery Days are free training events designed to serve as a foundational-level introduction to cloud topics like security, data strategy, machine learning (ML), and cloud migration.

These expert-led courses built by AWS Training and Certification help you gain the knowledge you need to start your cloud transformation journey.

Discover AWS Skill Builder

AWS Training and Certification now offers a Team subscription on our new digital learning center, AWS Skill Builder.

Discover how building your team’s cloud skills can help you attract and retain the top talent that keeps your business thriving.

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AWS Certification Pathways: