Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-managed IT solutions designed to work together to help deliver a modern network that is powerful, reliable, and easy to manage. An active internet connection and a browser is everything you need in order to manage Meraki products from anywhere, even from a mobile device. This unique approach to IT is not offered by any other vendor and aims to simplify powerful technology by reducing the overhead and costs associated with maintaining disparate solutions.

Pervasive Connectivity

At the center of any network are the users and devices that rely on it. In a modern organization, users expect to be online at all times; site-to-site connections must be fast and reliable, wireless connectivity is no longer best-effort, and internet access is critical to the business. Even the smallest outage can cause a devastating blow to productivity and company image. IT organizations are therefore focused on delivering consistent, reliable, pervasive connectivity to users, as in being connected to the necessary resources and services no matter whether in the office, with a client, or on the road. From an IT perspective, there are many factors involved in delivering pervasive connectivity, and selecting the proper solution is fundamental.