IT-IQ has over a decade worth of experience providing industry certified training and testing that is BQA accredited. Being BQA accredited means we follow and are bound by the National Credit and Qualifications Framework. We maintain a team of highly qualified and certified training staff and use official curriculum to deliver our training.

Our core trainings are:

  • Microsoft Learning Partner
  • CompTIA Authorised Silver Partner
  • Certified Business Professional
  • Cert Nexus Certifications
  • Cisco also available.

We are also building our soft skills side of training and  are able to provide training on:

  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Lean Operations Management Work Practices
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Management Essentials

Modes of  Training:

We have

  • VILT: Virtual Instructor-Led Training: This is remote online learning using live sessions with an instructor. We will break the class up into sessions so as to allow for health breaks as well as a pause from looking at a screen. Schedules will be shared per class.
  • ILT: Instructor-Led Training: This is an in-person class at our training facilities in Commerce Park.
  • SS: Self-Study: This is digital learning material that is a combination of videos and content available from learning partners that allows you to self-study at your pace.

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