MOC On-Demand

Microsoft Official Courses On Demand comprises of videos, text, hands on labs as well as knowledge checks, to help you build your Microsoft technology skills, on your own schedule, at your own pace and at a place of your choosing. It is an ideal solution for busy, time-constrained IT professionals.

IT professionals and IT Managers in Enterprises who want the flexibility to build the deep technical expertise they need whenever they choose, wherever they choose and who want high-quality training alternatives that are more time-efficient and cost-effective.

  • You control your learning experience.
  • Build deep technical skills when you choose, where you choose.
  • You can complete training piecemeal or in an order you choose so you can focus on what you don’t know, or on what you need to know right now.
  • Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective.
  • Self-paced, self-directed learning lets your staff train as their schedules allow, requiring less time away from the office and reducing project disruption.
  • MOC On-Demand’s modular course structure lets your staff focus on what they don’t know, or on what they need to know immediately for current projects.


If you like these courses you can see a full range of MOC On Demand Course Offerings here:

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