testing center faq

How does one book for an exam?

Candidates can call our Test Center Administrator, who can book the exam on their behalf, or they can log on to wwww.pearsonvue.com and book their exam on their own.

How does one pay for an exam?

Payment method is purely dependent on the examining body of the exam. Certain exams one must pay for themselves online via credit card, whereas some exams on their own.

Is there an exam schedule?

Yes we do have a schedule. We have a daily roster that indicates the listed candidates to sit for their exams that day.

Are they any special considerations when booking the exam?

There are no special considerations, candidates get to choose a date looking at their schedule.

What documents does one need to bring to be administrated into the exam?

The candidate should bring the exam confirmation letter, a Government issues valid ID (passport. Omang or Drivers License as the primary ID) and something that has your signature on it, it can be a bank card or student ID.

What happens on the date of the exam, before the candidate goes in to the exam room?

The administrator conducts a checking in session with the candidate. The candidate empties their pocket, turning them outside contents of their pockets are placed in a secure locker in the administrator's room. The candidate has the key that locker. Afterwards the candidates are shown where to sit to register for the exam. The administrator will then award the candidate with the necessary stationary (the erasable note board, ear plus and erasable pens) they will take in to the exam room.